Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sapporo snow festival

The snow festival in Sapporo is a phenomenal event that happens once a year, and attracts (apparently around 2 MILLION) tourists to Sapporo, most of which are Japanese from other areas, but many are also foreigners.

The festival lasts for one week, but for people who live here, the preparations start way before that! The snow plowed off the roads are gathered to be used to make the sculptures. This year however, as it was not near as cold as previous winters, extra snow was needed and brought over from around Sapporo (or so I heard).

I have already uploaded the photos to facebook, but I will upload my favorites again and briefly talk about them.

My favorite sculpture. It is just too cool and no words can describe its awesomeness!

It's so interesting to see how many cultures have similar outtakes of the same subjects. This is an Indonesian sculpture that really reminds me of the Orthodox st. Georges statue fighting the dragon.

You would think that there would be this balance between large-scale and finely-done sculptures but to have both combined is very impressive!

The Lion King musical has been running for a while here so they had a big ass sculpture of Timon and Pumba!

The temperature drops 5 degrees as soon as you get there and stand in front of the HUGE ASS snow statues! However these guys are singing and dancing in half sleeves!!!


Awesome Chinese temple! With all the details that goes with it.

The slope made for snowboarders and skiers jumping around day and night! Too awesome! Mules we need to do this!

Ice jaguar!

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