Monday, June 14, 2010


So been kinda busy for a while.
And lazy! Let's not forget lazy...
Much easier to just upload photos on FB than to write here too :)
And the more I procrastinate updating the blog, the more depressing it is to think what to write next...

So since I have a midterm tomorrow that I have not started to study for, I'll just use that as an excuse to get away with only writing an overview of what will be discussed soon:
  1. Summer! Yesterday was first day you can stand in the shade and still feel kinda warm.
  2. Food festivals at Hokudai (my uni) last week: many many countries had tents in which they were selling their traditional foods. This was for 4 days (Thursday-Sunday) which meant we had a long weekend, and I had tentloads of food, and paid too much for it :D
  3. Yokasoi which means "follow the night"? Forgot. Basically this weekend was also a 4 day festival for... DANCING! Ya 4 days of people dressed in costumes and dancing as teams all over Sapporo. Very cool.
  4. Basketball. Football (not world cup of course).
  5. Midterms!
  6. Big ass bruise! Explicit material incoming...
As for the midterms, I had kanji exam today, finished it in half the time! Did great in it too. Studied for a hour or two yesterday for it yay.
I find myself very strangely really really enjoying kanji. What I thought was stupid (sorry I mean illogical and not quite efficient) and complicated, I now regard as very interesting and complicated hehe.
Still have the grammar exam tomorrow so I guess I'll go study for that now :'(
I even shaved so as to postpone studying... and those who know me can tell that means a lot!
Ah well off to study...


  1. and guess what? u know the meaningless funky written word u have to copy in the box for spam stuff? mine was Betty!!! hahahaha! Bettyyyyyy!

  2. You forgot to mention another one important incident happened this week.or to be more specific,what you've done to poor David at the soccer game.sorry,Sapporo's a small city.gossips spread with the wind ;)