Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shopping: part II

So much to write about! Every time I think about it it depresses me and I have no idea where to start haha.

Zerefore, I shall begin with the camera.
A week after I bought it, removed memory card to import pix and after putting it back, started getting the following error message when turning it on:
"Check that there is no foreign objects inside the battery cover and close cover tightly".

After much removing and returning of battery and memory card, was still getting the error.
So I went to the camera shop and told them what was happening, and that the message would randomly come and go.
After much more removing and returning of battery and memory cardS, this time by them, they concluded that there was a defect in the camera and that they would give me a new one.

Got my new camera, put the battery and memory card in, and turned it on, et voila! Same error message lol.
So after a couple minutes in the back of the store, the woman in charge came back and told me that this is in fact not an error, just a warning message. We were so focused on the first part of the sentence, that the second part escaped our notice haha. Since this is a waterproof camera, the lid should be closed "tightly"! And if it is in fact NOT closed tightly, this message pops up when you turn it on...

Awesome thing however is that, since I had already bought and stuck the protection sticker on my new camera touch screen, I got to keep the new one, even though the "old" one had nothing wrong with it. Yay!


  1. Your blog is quite enjoyable to read Salah, its pretty amusing too. Now you have to go on a quest and persuade Dina to blog more often!

  2. Indeed I must!
    She's too lazy I say!
    Or I have too much time on my hands lol.