Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hellos? Or goodbyes?

We interrupt our program to bring you these words from our sponsors:

The world is huge, and we are so very very tiny (and in the case of the famous net, evil too! Hmm Betty?).
So begins our journey to find out where it is that we belong.
Along the way, we visit many places, meet many people, some we forget quickly, some we don't.
Few things are nicer, or more interesting than saying "hello" to new faces, new places. Unfortunately, that sometimes comes hand in hand with saying "goodbye" to others. That is also not considering the fact that all "hello"s eventually lead to a "goodbye", for we all will leave this Earth eventually, making room for others to take our place, that is life, and life is good!
Which brings me back to the journey. Let us not worry about hellos and goodbyes, and worry instead about making the time spent in-between as great and as memorable as possible.

And now, back to our program.

1 comment:

  1. heyyy habibi!! It FINALLY rubbed off.... VERY proud of you, and very happy with your blog... nice adventures... nice new people.. just one comment...I don't like the goodbye... I prefer fare-well...mwahh