Thursday, April 15, 2010

Akh so it's time for an update I would say.
Just as soon as the snow was nearly fully melted, and I was going to mention it here, guess what? It started to snow again haha. But it's really thin snow and didn't add much to the already receding snow. And my phone camera won't show the falling snow either since it's so thin.

Other than that, remember the huge ass electronics store I talked about before? Turns out there's more than one floor! OMFG! Wat za hell!? The second floor has cameras, TVs, watches, and other stuff like makeup(?), the third floor has home appliances, donno what the fourth has. Didn't even get to fully explore the second floor!
Asked again about phones, and there are basically two options: option 1 is to opt for the cheap phone, pay something like 70$ and then pay basically 3$/month (plus calls of course, which are free to the same company in the afternoon). Option 2 is to opt for the iPhone (which is awesome) and pay more (something like 90$ and 50$/month? Not sure about the prices). Option 2 has unlimited internet on your phone - iPhone! -, but I have internet on my laptop at home, and option 1 is just so cheap haha. Still thinking it over.

Yesterday, went shopping for running shoes. So naturally I went to the huge mall. Turns out this mall is not just one mall, it's actually one building that has 4 different "malls" each at least 7 floors, with their own shops. Explored 2 of them (not much information) and not a single sports shop... Asked and was told that there are none. (Asked my new Libyan friend and he said there actually is one, in one of the 2 I didn't go to yet... naturally would've been the last one I would check hehe).

Today had classes in the morning as usual, got there early for once! Classmates clapped and cheered me yay! Victoria (Israeli girl, whom I met in the elevator this morning so is living in the same building as me lol) introduced me to Syrian dude at canteen. Classes are amazing by the way. There are many teachers, so one day we learn grammar with one and then the next with another. Now for me, who's already horrible with names, it gets confusing to remember haha. But it also makes it so much more interesting, mixing grammar with conversation, with writing, with pronunciation. And also mixing different teachers, personalities and methods of teaching.
After class, went with some friends from class who want to buy phones. Interesting to see not one, but three Gaijin (foreigners) that don't speak the language try to communicate with a Japanese [non English-speaking] vendor haha. Interesting indeed.

After that, more international students welcome parties! This time it's the Co-op students organization. Had small dinner, then joined Indonesian girl doing traditional dance. I think the other Japanese guy and I probably looked a bit girly doing the girl dance with her but it was fun and more people joined us hehe. There's a small video somewhere, will post it when I get my hands on it.
More country bingo after that, didn't win anything hehe. But we got to choose from free stuff left over by old students at the Co-op afterwards. So I got myself a cup, a knife, a spoon, and a fork (don't think I'll use any of them soon but yalla!) and a very cute tea set. Now I know I don't drink tea, but no seemed to want it and it's so cute. And it'll be here for when someone visits me (in another location since no one can sleep over here except for Naddoush and Dal), or when I decide to start drinking tea next winter hehe. I hear the winter here makes lovers out of tea haters! As a side note, did the laundry and finally found a use for the radiator in my room haha. I'm paying for heating regardless of whether I turn it on or not (basic fee), so I might as well turn it on and dry my laundry on it!).

Made a new Libyan friend, and had dinner (another proper one this time hehe) with Egyptian girl and their Columbian friend who we met there by chance. Ate Italian, good good! Penne a la Arabiatta costs around 10$, with an orange juice or tea which is part of the service. Ah ya the restaurant's on the 10th floor of one of the four malls.

So in short, learned (and took down) "hello" and "thank you" in maybe 5 new languages today, ate lots of good food, and met lots of cool new people (can't mention them all coz it'll be TOO long hehe)! Good day if there ever was one! Oh and got cute tea set (at least I think it is :) will post photos later it's too late and I'm too lazy!).

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