Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 3 (Sunday)

Tough choice had to be made today... Navy blue pillowcase and quilt cover, with white/light-blue sheets? Or full matching white with cool patterns (ranging from light to navy blue) set? Both go so well with my new blue curtains (that are getting heavier and heavier each minute)... Half an hour and 10,000 yen later, I walked out with both sets :) (+curtains +pillow +quilt).

Time for lunch. As many might or might not know, most restaurants in Japan have plastic replicas of their menu on display, or at least photos, complete with prices. How boring... where's the mystery? So it is that I found myself in maybe the only small restaurant where the menu was in all in Japanese, with no graphical representation whatsoever, manned by an old man and his old wife, neither of which spoke a single word of English. Less boring :)
Somehow ended up with a very tasty bowl of Chuyo (or was it Choyu) Ramen; noodles in a soup with a piece of roast beef, and egg, onions and some other stuff, all for 550 yen. Lucky!
(Naddoush will happy to learn I'm working on my slurping skills. Its is rude not to! The louder the better! Have yet to master the technique without getting soup on my glasses yet...

Finally it was time for dinner, courtesy of my new Chinese friends, Pan-san and Shi-san. Mmm very delicious. Not very healthy though, fried pork and all :) pork liver anyone? Was then joined by our Polish friend Ni-hao-san (seems his name translated into Chinese sounds something like hello, thus his new nickname) and so the drinking began with Gyu-san and Ken-san. All light-weights though, some turned bright pink, English became even harder to understand, Japanese [hilarious!!] x-rated movie. Wait... what?

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  1. yeahhhhh WOWWWW I ahd to wait 27 years minus 4 days to get you to slllllurppp! I hope you dirty your glasses every single time!