Monday, April 19, 2010

As the crow flies

I feel I must give my brothers the crows their due respect with a post of their own :)

Japanese, like everyone else, do not like Mr Crow, and for good reason.
They're naturally considered bad luck, and no one likes carrion pests.
Well I do! Mkay?

What not to like about them? They're annoyingly loud, one of them starts squawking, and suddenly, all the others within hearing range answer the call (imagine Rawad doing his signature "2a33 2a33", and multiply that by 10!) and they attack people (seriously!). Met a girl form Bulgaria who got attacked by a female crow. Apparently, when the female is taking care of her nest, people with black hair and a pony tail get mistaken for other crows from atop the tree, and get attacked lol (true story, seems the crow dug its claws in her hair and she had a hard time getting rid of it hehe).

Finally, as you can see in this photo, there are thick nets scattered around everywhere in Sapporo. Turns out people put their trash underneath these nets, so that the crows don't rip the bags apart and get the garbage all over hehe.

And here is a video as a treat, since you've all been good boys and girls. This is from my Nokia phone (which I can only use as a watch/camera until I get a new phone here), so the sound quality isn't that great, and my filming doesn't help either :D

PS: AMGAD I love this connection haha :P

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