Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yum yum: part II - The Beginning and The End

For those who remember, I had mentioned in a previous post that my teacher -Nakamura-sensei - invited me to dinner, and there was a 15 minute+ wait in line, so we went somewhere else.

Well today I thought hmm let me go check it out.
This time however, didn't take the escalators for 8 floors... took the elevator, which luckily for my lazy ass, turned out to be right at the restaurant [The Buffet] entrance yay! So far so good :)
More good news: no line.
Was greeted and shown in, and my first impression was... wow. (I thought I had taken more photos of the decor but it seems I didn't... hunger does that to me) So the place is at the same time very classy and very casual, so you feel you're in a nice restaurant, but are still really comfortable.

It wasn't until I reached the section furthest in, where I sat, that I was really amazed by the beauty of The Buffet. The ceiling is at least 4 stories high, and what makes that even better, is that most of the space is taken by huge windows, with a gorgeous view of a big section of downtown Sapporo from the 8th floor. Now 8th floor isn't much in itself, but there aren't many tall buildings here anyway so the view is mostly unobstructed.

Now to the important part, the food. So basically it's an open buffet, so yes, it's "all you can eat"! And naturally, I took advantage of that very fact lol. You can have open alcohol for around 12$, but I just went for open juice (2$) which, I know now, was a mistake hehe; I barely even finished one glass since I don't really drink with my food. You could easily not order juice and just get some if you want, which really shows how honest Japanese people are. I love that.

First stop, the sushi (and other stuff) stand. Not a very wide array of items, but what's there tastes great, and is very fresh. Also to note is the size of the sushi was just right. Not too big, but big enough :)

There's a big bar. I was sitting right on the other side.

There are a lot of wine bottles (probably "meh" wine but still).

The salad bar.

The pasta\pizza\bread section. This is one big continuous counter, and has lots of other sections, which I didn't photograph because I wanted to.. well.. eat!

Oh and let us not forget, the dessert section!

So round 1: salmon, tuna and scallops sushi! Pizza (unexpectantly really good), potato salas (?), some Japanese salad, green salad with amazing dressing (don't know what exactly allz I know is that there's sesame seeds in it which rocks) and pomegranate juice.

Round 2: more pizza (1 slice pepperoni and 1 slice hot dog), some Chinese dish that has meat balls and omelet in it with sweet and sour sauce (or something like that haha, important thing is that very tasty) and last but definitely not least, spaghetti with clams in it!

The above-mentioned spaghetti.

A couple extra plates of sushi between rounds :P
Round 3: Chinese foodz: noodles with vegetables, chicken dish and another "I have no idea" dish that tasted great. Good enough by my book lol.

Round 4: time for dessert haha. First proper dessert I have here! (not counting chocolate chip cookies and "tamer" of course hehe) so going clockwise from the top right corner, FRESH lichees stuffed with sweet bean paste (ouch good stuff), none of that canned crap, more lichee with more beans (I think lol), mango dessert, creme caramel, fresh lichee (you crack it open and eat it mmm...) and pineapple, and finally something white and tasty is all I can say lol. As you can see, am not a dessert person.

Round 5: lol yes there's more! Haha kinda ate a lot... so ICE CREAM! I have some iiiice creeaam... and you didn't geeet noooone... coz you're on the weellfaaaare. So ya vanilla, orange, berries and chocolate mint! And baby banana!

So full...
Should've taken a photo of all the empty plates haha.
Well anyway, the meal coz quite a lot, but was well worth it, especially if you take into account the actual cost of all the food I ate lol. Paid something like 24$ though, but I'm happy :D


  1. habibi $24 in Lebanon would get you through one fourth of what you just ate!!!LOL
    SO happy for you that you're enjoying so much of new delights... don't forget to get me a recipe book of all those delicious pix i see...ookayy?

  2. I love the dessert's plate!!! A small section for each dessert you want to taste, it's just perfect :D Oh and mint chocolate chip ice cream... hmmm mint chocolate chip ice cream :) :)