Monday, April 19, 2010

Yum yum: part I

Since food is such an important issue, decided to start posts just for... you guessed it: FOOD!
And today's dish: Uni Tekka Don (place is called The Don)

So basically I pass by this place everyday on my way to the subway. As I had explained before, the subway is under the biggest building in Sapporo. This building has 4 huge ass mofo department stores (each one 10 stories high I think), the movie theaters and of course the train station! So the basement (just above the subway) is the food floor muahahaha.

But I digress... as you can see, as soon as you order, they bring you tea in an amazingly cute (no I'm not gay it's just really cool) tea cup. I ordered a main dish of raw tuna and urchins, with rice, sea weed and something green that looks like "ba2leh", but with smaller leaves. This comes with a side order of cabbage salad, and miso soup.
The cute matching little plate has wasabe! You put soy sauce on top and pour the mix onto the main dish, ITTADAKKIMASU!

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