Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Arrived! Flight from Osaka to Sapporo was very interesting (I'll skip all the crap that happened before that hehe). Sat next to Japanese life insurance exec. He spoke some English, so we had a long conversation, during which he explained how Sapporo is divided into grids, gave me lessons on the population, different kinds of beer (tried some very good!)... until he started explaining the reason he was in Osaka with his family -visiting his very sick mother- at which point he started crying. Me being at a loss, gave him a comforting one-handed hug. Turns out Japanese men aren't ashamed of crying, and I should've just given him a big hug! Finally, he (Norihiro-san) wrote down his address and told me that if I ever needed anything, he would be happy to help. So far so good :)

Landed and found Oochi-san waiting for me, and Norihiro-san, his wife and daughter waiting next to him to make sure I didn't miss him by mistake (can't get any nicer than that imo). One train ride, three subway stops (tough to carry a 32kg suitcase down stairs, thank God there are automatic escalators to go up!) and we were home.

That is where my new Chinese friend Pan-san was waiting to guide me through the arrival procedures, and give a quick tour of my very very very cozy (nice way of seeing it haha) appartment. Good thing I got lots of Baklava to thank them and my advisor Nakamura-sensei.

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  1. what a beautiful way to end a looonnnnggggg journey...with hours of suspense till you called... Thank God all turned out well.. you skipped the part of almost leaving your suitcase behind....ha ha ha