Thursday, April 15, 2010

The joys of Kanji!

Ah nearly forgot!
I have yet to confirm this, but it should be correct, and is funny as hell.

Kanji (kan: ancient China, ji: character) is one of the Japanese methods of writing. It is the difficult one. There are about 5,000 kanji, and you basically need to know 1,945 to be able to properly read a newspaper. Basically knowing 1,000 will let you understand 90% of what's written in books or papers.

Some kanji are made up of a couple of other kanji. For example, you have one kanji for "tree". The kanji for "forest" is three kanji for "tree" in a triangle.
Now for the funny part: the kanji for "noise" is....
Three kanji for "woman". ROFL!