Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 6 (Wednesday)

Last day of freedom before classes start!

So yesterday I got lost on campus. Well actually to get to our lab, I need to go into a building, walk through it, walk out from the other side to finally get to our building. So I missed a turn in the first building and ended up in a very very old section of the university, where the old (?) power breakers can be found. So thought I was in the wrong building and went back out and went North. By the time I had realized I went too far (insert Pablo Keanu Reaves impersonation here), I saw the Gymnasium sign post.

Me being in no hurry whatsoever (another way of saying having absolutely nothing to do whatsoever), decided to check it out. Bastards that made the sign just put the direction without bothering with the distance... 20 minutes later, I reach the muddy sports fields, and then finally a building with a rock concert going on? Turns out it's the music building. From outside, I could make out, in order of noise done: drums, guitar, trumpet (or trombone), piano and violin. Went in and took a look. Interesting, but strange. Each person just finds a corner and starts practicing, paying no mind to the person 2 meters away from him doing something totally different. To illustrate my point, went up to the second floor following the sounds of violin, and found a storage room full of shelves. A guy was right at the right side of the door practicing the violin (exercising not playing tunes), and two meters away, in the parallel isle, a girl was doing the same... Quite annoying.

So on my way back from the music and sports section of the campus, I would see all these people on bicycles zooming past the couple of us that were walking, and ended up wishing I had a bicycle too... Until I borrowed one today... FREEZING! OK so today's a bit colder than yesterday, but still, my hands went blue. By the time I got back I wasn't sure I still had a nose on my face. So that's why Pan-san doesn't use his bicycle...

In other unrelated new, fekin retarded ass Sony warranty doesn't fix my monitor unless 6% if the pixels are not working, so roughly 10.2 pixels. Of course the manual says this... in Japanese, in small print, in such a way that I would've missed it in English hehe. Ah well.
More bad news, went to get my phone line, with the nearly free ($5) iPhone 3GS 32Gb with it, and turns out the paper the mayor's office gave me, stating that I will get my alien status blablabla (residency) next month, is not enough and I have to wait until I actually get the residency to get my line... Meh.

Good good news however, SUSHI! Yummy... So the supermarket does big sale on all fresh goods after 8, so for 10$, ate 18 pieces of fresh (quite big too) Sushi, divided into paris of the following: tuna, white fish, shrimp, scalops, salmon, squid (or something... tastes good so who cares?!), crab (fresh! none of that crab sticks stuff), caviar and urchin (TOOTYA!), the last 2 wrapped in sea weed. Oichi (very tasty). Spent a good 5 minutes trying to find Soya sauce, and had to ask a passing woman for help (she was also very nice), then found out there's already some inside the box! Along with ginger, which actually looks like ginger! It's not pink hehe. Aaahh good way to spend the eve of my birthday. Oh and the cashier even gives you chopsticks if you want. Me likes. Finally, seeing that it was snowing (a bit) when I was going back home, there was no chance for the sushi to go bad :)

Tomorrow, party on the 8th floor to celebrate birthday. After tomorrow party at the lab to celebrate the new lab member (me!). They know not what awaits them muahahaha...

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  1. Glad you're getting lost now with no schedule to follow...but hope by the time you have this schedule, you WILL know your way around..... asking for too much I guess, no?
    Hope you'll always get time to write this interesting blog...and to remember to write in English (no yabani for us poor non-yabanis).
    have a nice time on your birthday.. at least there's no risk from drinking and going down 5 floors...:D