Monday, April 26, 2010

Friday: Bicycle I - The Beginning

Where to start!?

The bad thing about being as lazy as me, is that when I DO come to update, so much has happened that I have no idea where to start, and I end up forgetting so much hehe. Ah well not to fret. Not to fret.

So. Where to begin? OK bicycle! So no photos of aforementioned bicycle, reason for that is... OK just chill I'll get to that in due time... sheesh...
So my very very nice classmate from Myanmar asked her equally nice teacher (also from Myanmar) to give me a bicycle someone left behind. She heard me saying I was gonna buy a used one and just went without telling me and asked for one. Really nice.
So got my new (again, new might not be the best choice of words) bicycle Friday evening, and rode it to Aiman's place for horror night (by horror I mean supreme silliness and laughing).

At 5 AM, got on my bike, that squeaks, has a somewhat loose chain that slips occasionally on the gear cogs, took out my map and rode back home.
On the way home, golf course:

Toyohira river (me thinks hehe) after which the region I live in is called:

Other side of bridge, nice view:

Can't say it wasn't a great way to end/start the day, especially since it's just so easy to follow the map and get where you want in this city!
Just like in Beirut: the first turn after the second bank on the main road? Ya NOT that one! The one after it... then you keep going till you see a big pothole in the middle of the road...
Honya honya.

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