Monday, April 26, 2010

Random cool stuff: part III

So been meaning to write about this for a while now, but keep procrastinating (familiar with that term Mules?).

So I find this really interesting, but then again I am rather easy to amuse.
I noticed this with a couple of our Japanese teacher: they write Latin characters differently than we do.
One example of this is writing the "o" clockwise. This is especially weird for French-writing people, since to link the "o" with the next character it is more natural to write it counterclockwise.
Another example is dotting the "i"s and crossing the "t"s before actually writing the letters. This explains why I tend to write the う and the え in a weird way, by starting with the bottom part.
Et voila. I just find it intriguing.

Edit: nearly forgot! Below is a photograph of the enemy! Please be advised that the following photos contain heated and very hard subjects... View with discretion...

F**kin hate these radiators... I'm stacking laundry faster than in Lebanon coz of the heat inside each and every building. Made the mistake of waiting a week to do the laundry, and now I've been drying all the laundry for 2 days. Dryer's useless, or I donno how to use it. In my defense my friend who has been living here for a while, and can actually read what's written on the buttons, as opposed to me who just chooses according to the color of the day, also says the dryer's useless. Kk thx.

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  1. Akhhh procrastination!!! I could never escape it's grip... I've been procrastinating my Blog for years now, I finally got the domain though... few more years and it'll be up and running :P hehe.

    But following up on your blog is a full-time job mules... hehe...
    Yalla! keep it coming, especially pictures and videos :)