Monday, April 12, 2010

First day of class! Yay!

Officially demoted back to student status! Yattaaa!
Intensive Japanese courses started today. It'll be a week or so until we finish the lessons I've already done in Lebanon so I still get a bit of resting period, in which I get to study Mathematics to remember what I need for the Master's entrance exam. My professor was kind enough to translate last year's tests for me.

So first class today was Grammar. Basic "akala al waladou al touffa7a".

Second class was Kanji class, this is gonna be more problematic hehe. Hate Kanji...

Time for lunch! Had lunch with my new Israeli friend (go figure! Seems she found my joke about being enemies funny phiew) and her French friend. Judging from their reaction that I spoke French, it would seem I'm the only other person they know that speaks the language (inno OK I kinda speak it :P), I know 3 so far hehe. Need to practice. More importantly, today's lunch was *something* Tentenmen. SPICY noodles with spinach, minced meat, and some other stuff hehe. Tres bon! (meh alt-138 doesn't give a e on this laptop...)

Third class was singing class... err I meant Pronunciation and Listening class. Most fun class I've taken. Ever. The professor, Ogawara-sensei, put the Katakana table on the projector, started a beat going with his fingers, and each row of students would say one row of letters, while following the beat. This is basically easy, like in French ba bu bi be bo, but it gets more complicated when you reach the letter c hehe. Same thing here, and it gets more complicated when he ups the tempo! Lots of these fun exercises here, including the tonality exercise, where we really sing. Low toned mora (the basic sound in Japanese, "ka" for example) are a C (Do right Mules? :P) and high ones are a E (Mi). Seriously bestest class.

Highlight of the day however is the Dominique Le-Mesekli-Yeh, also known as Dominique Geulin, boulangerie/patisserie I pass by everyday. Everyday the aromas of freshly-baked breads fill my nostrils with longing and desire (hehe OK maybe not that much but still smells good as hell!). Well today they had another round of free sampling! Bought one half sliced in 3, only 2 made it back home safely. The third I shared with an old lady next to me in the subway who asked me what smelled so good in the bag (in sign language of course hehe) :D
Mmm.. has something green in it! Looks like grapes but tastes like sweet potatoes, can you guess what it is? (Akel el 7iajara el akhdar not accepted as answer...).


  1. TahTah, this is not about the blog, but I wanted to ask u if the car electrician ever mentioned the possibility that the radiator fan can be doing overtime on ur Megane (like switching itself on when car parked???) Could be reason for flat battery???
    Don't have ur email. Mine is
    Luv u

  2. Haha... got them right mules... which reminds me, what abt them piano classes?!?! don't forget about it over there...