Monday, April 19, 2010

Random cool stuff: part II

So as the title suggests, I'll be posting random cool stuff in these posts.
Two subjects today, both of which are very relevant to us Lebanese!

Today's first subject: ROAD WORKS! OMFG!

Please notice the section on the right, this took around 10-15 minutes.
The image below better illustrates how it all happens.

Basically, they put the asphalt, the guy in the back with the blowtorch thingy heats it up, and the guy with the brush thingy flattens it, eh voila! A little traffic is in order, but it's not rush hour, and anyway, cars are rather scarce relatively to the population. Exactly like in Lebanon!

Today's second subject:

Awesome. Good to see this stuff happens here quite often too haha.

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